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Zee Jargonauts

Zee Jargonauts were formed in early 2012 in Chambery by Des Crawley, just after he moved there from Brighton. The original line up consisted of Des Crawley (guitarist/lead singer) Max Cotineau (drums/backing vox), Bastian le Marchand (bass/backing vox, Chez Grimble  (saxophone/backing vox) and Matthieu G Verona (lead guitar) and went under the name “Rubberneck”.

The bands material consists of original songs written by Des Crawley and some select covers. The style is a mix of English pop, old school surf, sixties garage and new wave punk.

After a few months rehearsal the band started gigging in Chambery and in the surrounding area, including the exstensive ski resorts close to Chambery and Haute Savoie.

A four track E.P. was quickly recorded and released later in 2012 and work began on an album in 2013. In 2013 Matthieu moved to Nantes and subsequently joined the band  “Blondi’s Salvation”  but returned briefly to contribute to the album.

Later in 2013 the band changed their name to “Zee Jargonauts” and toured the UK playing in Brighton,  Bimble Festival and Boomtown Festival.

In 2014 the Max Cotineau left Zee Jargonauts and was replaced by Damien Bernard, who is also from Chambery.

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Des is a self taught guitarist, trumpet player, bassist, pianist, singer, songwriter, arranger and producer.

He started playing guitar and piano at the age of 15 and almost immediately began composing original material.

The first band followed very soon after and his first public performances with the band came some months before his 16th birthday.

After a few line up and name changes the band moved to London where the name Mojo Filter was settled upon.

The Mojo’s eventually moved to Brighton from where they began touring UK and European festivals.

In 1995 Des left the band to Join Tragic Roundabout on the bass. The group toured the UK, Scandinavia, Russia and Europe extensively and became one of the most sought after festivals bands around and a John Peel Favourite.

Tragic Roundabout went on to make 7 albums.

It was around this time Des took up the trumpet and formed a band called The Hillman Avengers to showcase his new instrument.

The Hillman Avengers toured Europe in between Tragic Roundabout work.

Around 2006 Des joined the Brighton group Los Albertos on the trumpet. The band went on to become one of the most acclaimed live acts around, again touring Europe extensively and one tour in Russia.

Los Albertos made 4 albums and one EP

Des’s trumpet playing led to a reputation as a session player recording with many different artists including The Wailers, Nina Cherry, Rory McLeod and many more.

In 2011 Des embarked on a unplanned, open ended solo tour of Europe. One of many destinations was Chambery in the Rhône-Alpes region of France where he returned to live in 2012.

After his arrival in Chambery he quickly made a name for himself as a solo singer/songwriter and trumpeter. Almost immediately he formed a band after meeting local musicians, Max Cotineau (drums) and Bastian Le Marchand (bass) to play his latest compositions.

He enlisted the services of his Los Albertos colleague, Chez Grimble, on Tenor sax and started gigging under the name Rubberneck. After a name change this band then became Zee Jargonauts and continued playing in the Savoie region and toured the UK in 2013, including an appearance at the prestigious Boomtown Fair. Zee Jargonauts have so far recorded one introductory EP and one album which is now awaiting release.

Short Term Fish

The album

There are a lot of different influences for me when I write songs…

I would describe the style as a mix of pop music, 60s garage, new wave punk and old school surf…

Pop music: The Beatles, Blur, The Zutons, … too many artists to name.

Surf: Link Wray, The 5678s, Dick Dale

60s garage: The Kinks, The Sonics, Velvet Underground, … too many to name

Punk: The Sex Pistols, Blondie, The Clash, X-Ray Spex … again too many too name…

If someone is asking what other band do we sound like then this is the answer…

Sometimes I am influenced by just one song from an artist… not the whole back catalogue of that artist. For example “Get Out Of Your Chair” is a homage to “On The Road Again” by Canned Heat… But I don’t listen to Canned Heat at all… I just love the feel of that song. Irresistible is a song I wrote imagining Billie holiday singing… It’s just an influence. “I dunno” was written whilst thinking about “The Wedding Present”

We don’t sound specifically like any other band… That’s the point of writing and playing original material.

Des’ Crawley

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